Tent fields

Klid a romantické kulisy

stanových luk

We offer camping on four tent fields in our campsite. In addition to these, there is the special “Romantika” field, which is intended for those who prefer more peace and romantic scenery over comfort.

Zvířata povolena


  • The fields are reserved for tents only. Toilets and showers are provided at several central locations around the campsite. Parking is available on the roads surrounding the tent fields. The exception to this is the Romantika field, which is not accessible by car and the closest parking is 100 m away. Tent spots are not available for reservation in advance. When you arrive, it is better to first find a spot and pitch your tent and then come and pay at the reception.

    KOZÁKOVSKÁ FIELD (Open all year round)

    A camping field that offers a view of the peak of Kozákov, a major volcano in the Bohemian Paradise Geopark. There are electical outlets (one box in the front part of the field). The field is situated near a large building with toilets and a kitchen.

    Pod dubem FIELD (Open all year round)

    A camping field by the woods near a century-old oak tree. Water, campfire pits, and electricity are available (two boxes in the front part of the field).

    U rybníka FIELD (Open: July-August)

    A spacious field with young fruit trees can be found between the Libuňka river, the pond, and a grassy playground. It is open for camping only in July and August. There are 2 chemical WCs directly on the meadow during the summer holidays. Central toilets and showers are about 120 m away. Electricity is available (electricity boxes in the front part of the field).

    U REZERVACE FIELD (Open all year round)

    This camping field has two areas divided by a service road for guest access. Both parts of the meadow are adjacent to the nature reserve, so please be respectful of the precious surroundings. The upper part is at the edge of the campsite and is directly adjacent to the Hruboskalsko nature reserve and rock town. The lower part is next to the Bažantník nature reserve.

    ROMANTIKA FIELD (Open: July-August)

    Our most natural field is located on the western edge of the campsite, separated from it by a short forest path. It is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy camping in nature and take a break from cars and civilisation, as you are not allowed to park or drive near this field. There is a traditional dry toilet available by the field, and the campsite's toilets are about 150 metres away.



    letní prázdniny

    Dítě (6-14 let)

    45 - 70 Kč

    80 - 85 Kč

    Osoba nad 15 let

    50 - 100 Kč

    150 - 175 Kč

    Umístění osobního auta (obdobně vozík, motocykl)

    40 - 100 Kč

    135 - 145 Kč

    příplatek za spaní v autě (do/nad 1,7t)

    60-95 / 75-115 Kč

    130-150 / 175-190 Kč

    Stan (do 4 m2 / nad 4 m2)

    60-95 / 90-140 Kč

    130-150 / 245-270 Kč

    Přístřešek/ markýza do/nad 9m²

    60-95 / 60-115 Kč

    135-185 / 185-220 Kč

    Hamaka/spaní pod širákem

    25-35 Kč

    75 Kč

    Přípojka elektrického proudu pro stany

    120 Kč

    120 Kč

    Poplatek za psa, kočku a jiné

    45 - 65 Kč

    75 - 95 Kč

    Poplatek obci (nad 18 let)

    30 Kč

    30 Kč

    Ceny jsou uvedeny za 1 noc včetně DPH (orientační rozmezí v daném období). Kompletní ceník ubytování v kempu s přesnými cenami v jednotlivých měsících stáhnete zde (PDF).

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