Price list of accommodation

If you are interested in the prices of accommodation in Autocamp Sedmihorky, in the section Accommodation at the details of each type of accommodation in the tab Price list you will find an approximate range of prices for the accommodation during the spring/autumn season and summer holidays.

The complete price list of our campsite for different periods of the current season 2024 is available here (PDF). If you are booking for New Year's Eve 2023, the price list for that period can be downloaded here (PDF).

If you have already chosen a type of accommodation (other than your own tent), you will be interested in the total price for a particular date. You can find out the price for that type of accommodation on our online booking page, where you can book your accommodation directly by paying a deposit if it is available on your chosen dates. We do not make reservations for custom tents only.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in Sedmihorky.