Here you can book your stay online (does not apply to tents).
Frequently asked questions | Rezervační a stornovací podmínky

  • On-line booking at the campsite

    During the holidays we only offer Saturday to Saturday stays in all types of cabins, cottages, and mobile homes. Shorter stays are possible in the te-pees or tents.

    Online reservation system for individual cabins, cottages, mobile homes, caravan sites, teepees, and tents with a base. A 50% deposit is required within 15 minutes of booking to make the reservation binding.

  • Reservations for School Groups

    We provide accommodation for schools and kindergartens. You can order meals with your stay, as well as eco-educational programs if desired. To book accommodation for school groups, it is necessary to fill out the reservation form.

  • Online Reservation in Guesthouse Podháj

    Guesthouse Podháj offers simple tourist-type accommodation with the option of meals. Book your stay right at the foot of the rock city!

  • Reservation for the Children's Playroom Mlýn

    Want to experience an adventure? In our children's playroom Mlýn, you'll definitely have one as you explore the original 12.5m high maze.

    The playroom, with its stylishly decorated café, is located directly in Autocamp Sedmihorky next to the beach of pond Bažantník, from which the café offers a beautiful view.

    • For more information and opening hours, visit www.hernamlyn.cz

    • For reservations, please contact us at 777 462 492 during the playroom's opening hours.


We have prepared several large tent bows for tents. Here you will find a suitable place at any time. Exceptionally during the summer holidays, we can announce stop status (filling the camp's capacity) - please check in advance on our FB or website.